Team Cohesion

I caught up with a really close friend the other day who has been very successful in reaching his outcomes in a major sporting event and was very satisfied with how it all came together. We were discussing how basically it was the people around him that allowed him to achieve the outcomes that he and the team wanted and then in turn reached. We both discussed our journeys over the past 12 months and as different as our journeys have been, we were both adamant about how important it is to surround yourself with the right people.

There is no I in team

You hear this time and time again, but if you are surrounded by people and you know that everyone of those is focussed and passionate about what they do and what they deliver; regardless of how big or small their contribution, are willing to learn and grow to be able to deliver more to themselves and to the campaign, you will be able to reach your outcomes with so much more ease.

I had an incredible personal journey or you could call it a campaign in 2013 and I was surrounded by an incredible team. There were 33 people on my immediate medical team.  Every single one of them came to work every single day, 100% passionate, 100% with purpose, 100% striving to learn more and 100% giving. I could feel the energy of such a cohesive and authentic team around me every day. I knew that I had an awesome team, ticking all the boxes along the way, doing their utmost to basically keep me alive.

Surround yourself with the right people

In my friend’s case, his team was doing their utmost in allowing him to just steer his boat as fast as he could, thus reaching the outcome he wanted. To put this into some context that you can use in your everyday life, let’s say you are faced with a task that you don’t know much about; are you able to delegate that task to the right person who is passionate about what they do and has purpose to deliver what they want to deliver?

By having the right people supporting you and supporting those right people at the right time, you will find that they will deliver so much more than you will ever expect out of them. They will keep on delivering especially if you support them and nurture them. You will be able to reach your outcomes and they will in turn reach their outcomes.

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