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Pressure……Does it own you or do you own it ?


Pressure – Is it something that actually happens or something we create in our own minds?


Why do some individuals thrive under pressure and others crumble?


Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances and is your body’s way of dealing with these circumstances.  Stress hormones such as cortisol are released by the body which result in increased blood pressure, heart rate and breathing rate and can in turn shut down the body’s metabolic processes which are things like digestion, immunity, growth of new cells and storage of energy. We all find ourselves in situations at work and in everyday life, where we feel under pressure and become stressed.  Exposure to high levels of stress has been linked to burnout, depression, stroke and even cancer.


Other negative outcomes of pressure and stress can be:

·         Poor decision making.

·         Lack of concentration.

·         Feeling s of anxiety, frustration and fear.

·         Lack of clarity.

·         And the list goes on.


There are many simple things we can do to enhance our performance and decision making when we are in a “pressure” environment.


Pressure can be a positive state if managed effectively.


Learning how to recognise the changes that occur in our bodies - for example increased heart rate, rapid breathing and tightening of muscles and being aware of how and when these changes start to occur is paramount in priming ourselves to perform well under pressure.  For example by simply focussing on your breathing you can send messages to your brain that everything is ok and you will soon feel your anxiety levels start to wane.


As a performance coach for over 25 years I have supported elite athletes and teams in their search for greatness.   Many experiences and lessons learnt in different sporting environments from Olympic Sailing and Rowing Campaigns, NRL Rugby League games and world and national championship events, can be transferred to the corporate arena. 


“In a rowing boat if you keep thinking about the past stroke, then you are not going to be focused on the present moment.  If you are able to keep yourself present, then the boat is going to be able to move really effectively and efficiently through the water.”


Imagine in any situation, being able to look at the tasks you have and breaking them down and simplifying them.  Asking yourself - what do I need to focus on?  Being able to pull back, get present and focus on the task at hand, minus all the clutter, it sounds simple but can be very challenging.


Another important tool is to learn how to maintain belief in yourself and know, not just think but know that you have the right tools and resources to function at a higher level in challenging situations.  Control of our thoughts as well as our physical responses, is vital to peak performance.  Practices such as mindfulness, positive self-talk, acceptance and gratitude all have a part to play in performing well under pressure. 


If we are aware we can all learn to thrive under pressure.


Mick Miller Presentations 

Motivating and Inspiring You and Your Team to Success