A coach to the stars

With over twenty five years as an elite sports coach, 

Mick has seen it all. He's worked with elite athletes chasing Olympic glory, world champions, professional Rugby League teams, America's Cup campaigns, and up-and-coming youth champions. He's seen athletes through good times and bad, through victory and meltdown, through triumphant euphoria and heart-breaking despair. He's brought athletes back from career-threatening injury, rebuilt teams that were crumbling under pressure, and mentored his junior athletes through the challenges of growing up. 


A life-threatening illness

One of Mick’s biggest challenges was being diagnosed with throat and neck cancer in 2013 and going through the subsequent treatment- including a 70 day stay in hospital.  Instead of sitting around playing the victim Mick embarked on a journey of discovery and recovery in his 1968 sky blue Volkswagen Beetle named “The Rocket” raising funds and awareness for post cancer recovery and has just finished circumnavigating Australia.


A new direction

With a proven track record of the development and implementation of strategies for hundreds of individuals, athletes, teams, corporate employees and CEO’s.   Mick can deliver a message in a way that way that engages and resonates with the listener, the message stays and the listener is provided with tools and resources to initiate action to enhance their performance in everyday life.  Mick specialises in working in partnership with your business to coach you and your team to success, individually tailoring his approach to your needs.