Finish Line - Just Ahead

Benjamin Franklin's inspirational words still hold true today " By failing
to prepare,  you are preparing to fail."

It is never too late to start studying, but there is also a lot of other
valuable mental and physical preparation you can do to reach the finishing
line.  A student approachingfinal exams can be compared to an Olympic
athlete approaching the Olympic Games.  A skill and knowledge base needs to
be complimented by a student being mentally and physically prepared for a
peak performance.

1. "I can do this" - Reward yourself for the preparation you have done -
don't focus too much on what you haven't done, there is a lot to be said for
the power of positivity.  Back yourself that you are doing the very best you
can with what you have at the present moment.
2. Spend some time reviewing the topics and subjects that you find
challenging, instead of putting all your energy into reviewing stuff you are
familiar with. An athlete will spend more time on what needs to be improved
than what comes naturally.
3. Find a balance between study and lifestyle - make a study timetable that
includes breaks, exercise, leisure, catching up with friends and rewards and
treats; this will help you feel empowered and in charge of your study.
Athletes don't train 24/7, a student can't be expected to study 24/7.  
4. "Hands Up" - Be prepared to reach out and get some help -  personal and
emotional support as well as educational support.
5.  "We are all part of a team"  Don't expect to do this all on your own, it
is best to surround yourself with a great team of people - teachers, tutors,
other students, family, counsellors, mentors.  
5. Look after yourself, just like an athlete does - eat well, keep hydrated,
listen to your body - if it needs sleep - sleep, be aware of your breath -
it helps to calm the body and mind.
6. Declutter - clear out all the clutter in your mind - meditation is a
great tool.  Just like the lead up to the Olympics put a ban on social media
make sure there are no interruptions and distractions so you can focus on
your outcomes.

Don't put your energy into worrying about what mark you are going to get,
instead concentrate on knowing you have prepared well to reach your best
outcome possible.

This is your event: when you are getting close to the finishing line,
remember that with a good foundation, it is not only about what you have
studied, but how well you have maintained yourself.

Good Luck.
Mick Miller

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